• Sunday 2nd June 2019
  • Bedlam Fair


    Your chance to have the best experience of your life...

    From a world where Alice in Wonderland meets The Shining performance troupe Cocoloco presents raucous, hilarious and ever so slightly bent theatre. This is cabaret performance and street theatre with a twist. Cocoloco's work has been described as "the high art of madness to perfection", as they delve into David Lynch's notebook and present Salvador Dali-esque, truly bizarre street theatre. A performance company with a love of the unexpected, Cocoloco brings anarchic, eye-catching, quirky and wildy funny peripatetic performance to theatre festivals throughout the world!

    Sunday 2nd June 2019
    Sawclose, Kingsmead Square & Bath Street

    Price: Free
    Start time: 3:00 pm

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    This venue is completely accessible